Kickstarter Campaign

Unfortunately, our Kickstarter campaign wasn't the success we'd hoped for. Although we failed fund the development through Kickstarter, we are in the process of attracting funding through alternative routes. The video above draws a great picture of what Heimdall can do.

Heimdall - The Family Guardian

Old age comes with defects. Many elderly suffer from dementia or physical problems which can result in inconvenient or dangerous situations.

Relatives and care givers of these elderly are often concerned about there well-being. Are they okay? Aren't they lying on the floor for days, unnoticed? Heimdall keeps watch and relieves the burden.

Heimdall detects unusual behavior and accidents during day and night and notifies relatives or care givers. This allows them to take care of this person knowing that even in their absence, dangerous situations are detected as soon as possible. This will reduce the stress on informal care givers tremendously, and prevent accidents from going unnoticed for a prolonged period of time.

Heimdall also detects what it cannot see. By knowing which door leads where, it can deduce information about the situation, such as if someone has gotten up in the morning, went to bed at night, has been in the bathroom for an awfully long time or has been out walking for several hours now.

Heimdall offers


The certainty of knowing everything is in order.


Heimdall respects your privacy - data is only transmitted to your care givers and only when an accident or dangerous situation has been detected.


When something happens, care givers will be notified right away so they can respond swiftly.

Fall detection

Heimdall offers reliable fall detection that aids reducing the response time after a fall to a minimum but avoids bothering you with false alarms.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the target audience of Heimdall?

Heimdall is targeted at frail elderly, suffering from dementia or have an increased risk of falling. It can assist those people both at home and in a assisted living environment.

Wat does Heimdall detect?

Heimdall is mounted on a wall or ceiling and monitors the environment from this position. This can be a bedroom, but also a living room or a community room in a care center. All movements and sounds are analyzed. Using smart algorithms Heimdall evaluates these inputs and decides whether they indicate a normal or an abnormal situation. If necessary, a notification is dispatched.

How do I operate Heimdall?

Heimdall is easy to use. Once you mounted it on a wall or to the ceiling and connected the power cord, the rest of the configuration is done using an easy-to-use app on a smartphone, tablet or laptop. The app lets you configure who is notified and in what circumstances. Should you run into any problems, Enacer will be happy to support you in this process.

How does the falling detection work?

In the incoming image, people are identified and it is evaluated whether they are in a normal or unnatural position. Sudden movements are also detected and shouts for help or other noises that indicate accidents are detected and reported.

What information is recorded?

Image and audio around Heimdall is registered and analyzed. These data are not stored and also not transmitted, unless specifically requested by the user. The full analysis is performed on the device itself without human intervention. This guarantees safety and privacy.

Are there any requirements to use Heimdall?

Hardly. Of course, a free spot on the ceiling or wall is required to mount the device. Heimdall also requires a power outlet. An internet connection is required in order to transmit the notifications. This can be either wired or wireless.